Laura Veselovsky

“I believe that when we tap into our creativity, we access our intuition, our wisdom, our essence and our power. I believe that our voices are powerful instruments of expression.”

An experienced arts educator, performer and musician

Laura V has created and led many performing arts classes, workshops and camps for children, teens and adults.  Laura V has taught private lessons in piano and voice for over 15 years in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  She attended Berklee College of Music to train as a singer/songwriter and attended Viterbo University to become a licensed music teacher and a theatre instructor.  She has worked with La Crescent Community Education as a summer camp instructor, with La Crosse YMCA as a piano and voice teacher, and has worked with La Crosse Community Theatre as a teacher and music director for their youth education department.

Disciplines to Teach

Voice. In private lessons, Laura V teaches her trademark exercises that empower and guide her students to find their singing voice.  
It is inside every student, but is covered up by fear, shame or doubt.

Students will learn vocal technique, establish a warm-up routine, learn the basics of reading music, and learn to sing a song.

What ages do you teach?

Any age, but I personally prefer middle school age and above.

What’s your availability?

Contact Laura at

Let her know student’s preferred schedule

How long is each session?

Up to the students, but I usually prefer between 45 mins to an hour.

What are your rates?

At a monthly rate of $150 for students and $200 for adults.

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