Hannah Cole

“The excitement of music is something I aim to bring to all my students. Music can be difficult, but also grow into a passion and ultimately become a rewarding experience that will last a lifetime.”

Former principal cellist of UW Oshkosh Symphony and a chemist

Ever since the first she heard cello music, she has fallen in love with the instrument. After 22 years of playing, she wants to share this passion for music with others. She started her orchestra career as the principle cellist of the Green Bay Youth Symphony all while teaching cello through the Peninsula Music Festival Organization in Door County, WI. In 2011, she attended college at UW Oshkosh as a music performance major on scholarship but ultimately decided to pursue a STEM career as a chemist. She may have changed majors, but she continued to follow her passion for classical music as the principal cellist of the UWO Symphony Orchestra and played in various chamber groups and cello masterclasses.

She has recently moved to the Lodi area and hope to play for the Middleton Symphony in the near future, but until then she is offering private lessons for students looking to play for the enjoyment and love of classical music.

Disciplines to Teach


What ages do you teach?

From elementary to high school students.

What’s your availability?

Mon & Wed: 4-9pm

Tues & Thus: by appointment (per exception)

How long is each session?

Up to the students.

Less then an hour long

What are your rates?

1$/min is my usual rate ($30/30mins, $60/hour etc)

Group rate is dependent on how many and what groups are available. In the past I have done a $10 add on to private lesson rates and they have the ability to come to any group session (orchestra, chamber, cello group etc.)

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