For Interested Instructors

We want to partner with you

Not only do music and art improve well-being, but also they empower individuals by providing tools to express their world.

We believe that this is what God intends for all. For these reasons, we, people of Lodi United Methodist Church, launch LAMA and offer building usage and marketing/administrative assistance to art/music instructors free of charge and make scholarship opportunities available to interested students, regardless of income or background. We want to be a gift to the people of Lodi and build community together.

Email us at with your answers to these questions:

  1. What programs can you offer? 
  2. When can be the soonest date for you to open your classes?
  3. What is your availability? What days/times of the week can you offer classes?
  4. What ages do you teach?
  5. What is your desired class size? Do you prefer private vs. group classes?
  6. How long is each session? 30minutes? 45 minutes? And even 1 hour?
  7. (If applied) Duration of a group class? 4 weeks? 6 weeks?
  8. What are your rates? for private and group classes respectively and for the different class length
  9. How much space do you need? Any equipment/furnishings you want us to prepare? chairs? tables? wifi access? art supplies? 
  10. A short biography to be posted on our website
  11. Do you already have interested clients?