Christian West

My wife and I moved to Lodi recently. I’m looking forward to sharing the joy of music and serving my new home community through LAMA.

Lodi resident, the bassist for the Madison based Americana bands

Christian West is a full time musician and teacher. He is currently the bassist for the Madison based Americana bands WheelHouse and Frank Martin Busch & the Names. Both of which have received numerous awards from varying publications. During his undergrad Christian was a 4 time member of the Minnesota Intercollegiate Honor Band on trombone and appeared as a guest musician with the United States Army Field Band. Christian’s goals for every student are that they learn to play music they love and become autonomous in their studies. In his spare time Christian loves getting outside and playing hockey. 

Disciplines to Teach

Bass Guitar



Rock Band as a group

What ages do you teach?

My recommended minimum age is 9 however I can make exceptions for motivated younger students. I also enjoy teaching adults.

What’s your availability?

Thursday afternoon/evening (Fall/Winter 2022)

Spring/Summer schedule will be posted.

How long is each session?

Private lessons can be 30 minutes or an hour if the student is old enough.

I recommend 14 or older for hour-long lessons. With group classes, it can be 1-2 hours.

What are your rates?

A flat rate of $120 per month for private music lessons.

For a group class, I would likely follow the rate of $100 per student per month with a minimum of 4 students per class.

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